Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Day Of Reflection, Revisited

This is officially the longest amount of time I've gone between posts in almost two years.  I thought maybe my time as a "blogger" had expired.  The inspirations stopped coming.  However, a friend asked me for my notes from a Day of Reflection that our Regnum Christi group hosted on January 18th.  She spent the whole time in the kitchen, so she and (those working with her) fed others, but didn't get spiritually fed themselves.  So, this is for them, for you, and a beautiful red-headed lady whose smile spans the miles between here and the Netherlands.

I apologize in advance, if my notes seem disjointed.  I take them for myself, so I only write down things I haven't heard before, or things that resonate.  However, there are enough single thoughts contained here to make it worth your while.

Day Of Reflection Notes, January 18, 2014

Fr. Michael Sullivan, L.C.:  Heart to Heart With Jesus and His Emotions, Attractions (desires), and Difficulties:

*According to St. Thomas Aquinas, everything Jesus said, did, and suffered was for our instruction.
Christ's words instruct, change, and purify us.

*LOVE or get freed up to love - this is business of life.

*We carry two things in our hands when we go to Heaven:                                                          
1.  What we've done for God. 
2.  What we've done for others.

*There are three stages in the spiritual life:
1.  Self-denial
2.  Growth in virtue
3.  Union with God

*Addiction - any repeated behavior based on craving with more cost than benefit.

*A bird on a branch can't fly whether tethered by floss or a heavy chain.

*Ask yourself, "What if God likes me?"  It changes everything.  When you are all-powerful, you make stuff you like!

*The Our Father prayer tells us everything we're supposed to want, and in the order we're supposed to want it.  It can be summed up in the Scripture, "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all these things will be added to you besides."  Ultimately, we are to love God for His own sake, and our neighbor for God's sake. 

*Faith and Hope are God's gifts to me.  Love is my return to God.  Love is the only thing that remains in Heaven. 

*How we react to difficulties in life is WAY MORE important than what we're reacting to!

*Christ's Difficulties - His Agony in the Garden:  After He sweat blood, Jesus neither sat, slept, was understood, nor consoled for 14 hours.

*Fear - We experience fear when we perceive future evil that we cannot overcome.  The opposite of fear is courage.  Read John 15 when you are afraid.

*Neurosis - Being afraid, but not knowing what of.

*We can understand ourselves and others better, if we take time to learn what we/they are avoiding.

*St. Thomas Aquinas says Matthew, Mark, and Luke tell us what Jesus did.  John tells us why.

*Sadness - resting in the presence of evil.  Read John 14 when you are sad.

*Joy - resting in the presence of good.

*Love is always the beginning of hate.

Fr. Timothy Mulcahey, L.C.:

*To evangelize - follow the Holy Spirit's lead.  God will put opportunities to serve in your path; just say "Yes".

*God is calling us to do something.  Something fueled by charity.  For love of God and neighbor.  Other motives are vanity, pride, duty, guilt.  These are not good motives.

*Matthew 25

*If I work on loving my brother and sister, my love for Christ increases.

*Goal of Apostolate (Works for God):
1.  Salvation of souls
2.  Affect the whole temporal order toward the Gospel.  Help renew society.
3. Walk on two legs:  prayer and work

*Read Forming Intentional Disciples by Weddell:
1.  Personal encounter with the saving love of Jesus Christ - "What kind of love wouldn't need to speak of the beloved?"
2.  We need to recognize the spiritual favor of being "a people".  We're all in this together.
3.  Cultivate a passion for Jesus and a passion for people.

*I am a "mission" in this world, and that is why I'm here.  ~Pope Francis

*Christ triumphed.  Let Him lead the way.  When evangelizers rise from prayer, they are more open to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit.

Mary Mann, actress - Putting Our Heart Near Jesus' Sacred Heart

*Psalm 106:14-15, empty heart

*Proverbs 3:5-6

*Do what you do best and leave the consequences to God.

Questions for personal reflection:
1.  What would be different about your life if you choose to meet the expectations of God, and how would you know what God expects?
2.  Have you identified your gifts and talents?  How would they make a difference?  How are you using them for Christ?  (If you would like to see a list of possible gifts, visit my post at http://asoulaidbare.blogspot.com/2012/05/unwrapping-your-spiritual-gifts.html).
3.  If your intention is for the salvation of souls - How are you accomplishing that?
4.  In what way would you like to reflect the heart of God (His love)?

Fr. Nathaniel Haslam, L.C.:

*Do you share Jesus with those you meet?

*Three Reasons Why We Were Baptised:
1.  To be restored, because we were broken.
2.  To be elevated.  We have a dignity that pales all other beauty.
3.  To receive a missionary heart.

*Evangelium=Gospel=Earth-shattering news.  Read Evangelium Gaudium, Pope Francis.

*We come and go.  We can be on a box of Wheaties today, and forgotten completely tomorrow.

*Being a missionary is not an obligation or imposition - it is love; sharing the beloved and fruits of the relationship with Him.  A missionary heart does not retreat into its own comfort.  Other's hearts are being prepared to meet ME because I have Jesus to share with them.

*Tomb psychology transforms Christians into mummies in a museum - Get out of your comfort zone!
We'll only know who we've helped in eternity.

Dear Heavenly Father,  Thank you for warm houses on cold days.  Thank you for days of reflection, and the ability to enter into Your Presence at any moment.  Thank you for all of the people who feed us spiritually - who make the invisible, visible.  Forgive us for our shortcomings, and all of the obstacles we place in Your Way, Truth, and Life.  Please give us the grace to hear, understand, and respond to You.  Let us experience Your Love, and carry it to others.  Thank you for preparing hearts to meet ME, because they want to meet YOU.  Make us love you more and more.  Amen.