Saturday, April 21, 2012

Voice for Jesus

March 6, 2012

I want to be a voice for Jesus.  After speaking to my women's group about my experience at the foot of the Cross and emailing it far and wide, it is hard for me not to look for the harvest.  I planted the seeds out of obedience and know God wanted me to,  I know my intention is pure at the outset.  But, then I get too eager to see how God is going to use it.  Who is it really going to penetrate and change - bring closer to Him?

I know I need to leave the results to Jesus.  He is the Divine Farmer - the harvest is His business.  I only have to plant seeds.  He will handle the rest.  Jesus, please give me the grace to let go of the results.

I also feel like Jesus is asking me if I am willing to be "nobody" and do "nothing" for Him.  Nothing, in that it will be seen nor heard by anyone and will be contained within the four walls of my home.

Yes!  If that is what He wants.  I feel called to be an apostle, but I can live in silent obscurity, as well.  My will is God's will.

God be praised!

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