Friday, February 28, 2014

Asking For It

I attended my annual silent retreat this past weekend, and have a new list of graces to ask God for (as encouraged by Fr. Anthony Sortino, L.C.).  I want to share them so that you may use them to build your relationship with Christ.  It's good to be reminded that they exist, and are there for the asking...

Don't leave your presents unopened - they are graces every one.
And you need them as long as you have a room down here. 

Upstairs is a Holy Place, lit up by His Holy Face.
And there are unopened presents lying all around.
But all of the people who need those gifts are not Upstairs, they are down.

Seek, and you will not be disappointed.
Knock, and the door will be opened.
Ask, and you shall receive.

Your graces are lying in wait, beautifully wrapped where you can't see them.
So, look up and ask for what is yours, because they're still there, and you still need them.

September 2010
Ask for the grace of...
~The gift of deeper union with Christ.
~To know how He loves.
~To know how He loves YOU.
~To feel thirst for love, to be drawn to God.
~To believe in the promise of love that He has made us.  To reject any insecurity, mistrust, fear, inadequacy.  "We make our stand with our Lord!"
~To shed expectation.  To acknowledge your God-given desires, and give what you have.  Let God delight in perfecting you.  Vacillate between desire and surrender.
~The grace to accept sufferings with joy.
~To love God SO much that we embrace the purification He allows.
~Greater trust and surrender. 
~Surrender, detachment, forgiveness.
~The grace to suffer with Jesus.
~To trust in God's promises.  To trust in the ONE who makes the promises.
~To learn, accept, and love yourself as one who is given a new name - a name which tells who you are, in God's eyes.

Dear Eternal Father,  Thank you for Your graces!  Thank you for drawing near to us, when we draw near to You (James 4:8).  You gave us free will.  I offer it back to You, and ask You not to allow me to forget You, nor forget to ask for Your grace in all circumstances.  I want to be who You intended before I drew my first breath.  I want to live up to my new name, accept it, and see myself as You see me.  Thank you for all that was, is, and is to come.  Amen. 


  1. I loved "you gave us free will and I offer it back to you." And "to vacillate between desire and surrender." Two things I need to pray and practice. Thanks Heidi.

  2. Thank you! Our retreat at Queen of the Family with Father Thomas Salazar LC just completed, and your notes will be a wonderful help as we get back to our usual occupations!

    1. Hi Anne! A fellow RC sister? We are so blessed to have these opportunities to feel God's love for us, as if we are the only one He loves! Peace to you during your re-entry! :)