Friday, May 18, 2012

In the Land of Oz

I flew to Kansas yesterday for my niece's graduation. Why do people ignore each other in the airport and on the tram?! Don't know what to say? Don't care? Not enough return on their 5-minute investment in conversation, because they will likely never see you again? Interesting. Can you tell I don't fly much? I had great plans of reading in uninterrupted bliss, but I couldn't stop watching the people, who didn't care in the least what I was doing.

Today has been a day of many simple pleasures: My sister brought a cup of coffee and cinnamon rolls to my bedside while I was still sleeping. I watched my niece do her last Senior vocal performance, Lunch at Panera, an afternoon walk and chat with my sister, dinner out, ice cream after, and a glass of wine on the patio while watching the fireflies.

Days like these are a wonderful gift. A day with no responsibilities, full of love and an abundance of everything. I am surrounded by people I love and am trying to soak up the time.

Dear God, Thank you for the pleasures that you allow us in this life and for the sweetness of life when it simply needs to be savored.

Thank you for my sister who I look more like every year and whom I laugh exactly like.

Thank you for new chapters in our lives, where we can "start over". Please bless all of those graduating this year and especially those who need a fresh start. Thank you for giving us a fresh slate as often as we need one, as long as we're willing to come to You, with humility and sorrow for dirtying the slate to begin with. You are so merciful, patient, and loving. Help us to be more like You. Thank you for every good and perfect thing. Amen.

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  1. I love this blog! Perhaps you will have a book at the end? I, for one, would love to have an autographed copy. I love you so dearly.