Thursday, April 26, 2012

Self-love, a sneaky pirate

I've been told God has given me the gift of being "good with words".  If God gives a gift, it is to be used for His glory.  It is edifying to be able to do something for God, but it is difficult not to attach self-love to that thing.  After all, it brings pleasure and enjoyment.  How do you kill or avoid self-love while living for the Lord?  Do you just proceed, suspicious of the pirate called self-love?  This pirate is waiting to jump on a ship (in this case, a blog-for-God ship) that isn't his, but that he lies in wait for.

Maybe, as long as I remember that the pirate lives and he's close at hand, he will not render me ineffective in my love for Christ!

I think it is better to set sail for God and keep your eye out for the pirate, than to stay anchored in Comfort bay with your spiritual treasure locked safely away in your soul.

We are the body of Christ.  We don't deal in treasure chests and storehouses.  We're for the Kingdom!  What's mine is yours, so we sail for the Lord!  Watch out, lonely pirate.  We're not staying in the bay for fear of you.

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