Saturday, July 7, 2012

It Doesn't Matter Where You Sit

July 2, 2012 ~

We're on our way back to Kansas after sleeping over in Des Moines last night.  I'm just thinking about life and the common threads that run through it.  After driving through countless small towns and some big cities, too, the mystery that distance can create has dissipated.  After seeing a lot of people porch-sitting and walking to the post office, it is so obvious that time progresses the same for all of us.  It is true that some of us rush through our days, and some move in sync with the slow tick of a grandfather clock.  It is also true that some work, some garden, some snowmobile, and some stay home, but we all get up and eat, and go to bed, and fill in the time in between.

It's like we are all stranded on an island called earth and doing what we can to live well.  For many, that means avoiding work or boredom or commitment - anything to preserve the powerful, but false perception of freedom.  Others, plunge themselves into the service of humanity.  And yet others, spend their entire lives trying to learn more about and love the One responsible for landing them on the island in the first place.

For these, it makes no difference whether they are riding shotgun in a minivan, sitting in a kayak on a great lake, on a tractor seat in a field of crops, or on the swing of their front porch.  It's all the same to them, for time and place are insignificant - every one offers the same opportunity to meet their God in the present moment.

It is so easy to live under the subconcious umbrella that "real life is elsewhere."  Not so.  Not so.  Real life is always in the present, and fortunately for us, we cannot live anywhere else.

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