Thursday, May 3, 2012

We Are Called...To Be Deep-Sea Divers?!

An excerpt from Consoling the Heart of Jesus by Michael Gaitley on looking for and finding the good in others:

"In overcoming temptations to go from the merciful to the judgmental outlook, it's good to be like a deep-sea diver who searches for sunken treasure.

...Most of the time, I think our responsibility lies in deep-sea diving...such a diver knows there's treasure down there, and he goes for it.

In the saints, no diving is necessary...a volcano of love erupted in them and became a beautiful tropical island that displays its abundant treasure right there on the sun swept beach.

In most of us, however, the treaure is still underwater, and it may even be lying on the ocean floor.  But, it's down there, and its worth diving for.  We need not fear the murky water (the hardness of heart) nor pay attention to the sea monsters (the other's annoying personality traits).  If the sharks come out (meanness or certain kinds of inappropriateness), we don't have to stay (and sometimes we shouldn't), but the little bites from the other sea monsters are nothing compared to the delight that comes from finding the treasure that lies on the ocean floor."

Dear God, Thank you for visuals.  Thank you for seeing the treasure within us.  Please give us the grace to "go deep" for others when we need to.  Lord, help us develop this holy habit.  Help us leave our judgment behind and persevere in our treasure hunt.  We know that You are ultimately the Treasure we will find.  Help us find You, Lord, in every person we encounter.  Amen.

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