Monday, May 14, 2012

Following Those Little Inspirations

I had a beautiful experience yesterday.  I followed the inspiration I received the day before.  On Saturday morning, I was getting ready for Our Lady's Brunch when a thought flew into my head - "Buy flowers for you neighbor for Mother's Day."  I thought to myself "That's a nice idea." and went about my day.  The thought wouldn't go away and then it dawned on me who the flowers were to be from. 

My neighbor's daughter was killed in a car accident 6 years ago.  She wanted me to give her mother flowers from her for Mother's Day.  When I realized this, I was excited to do this for her, but afraid, too.  What if I was wrong?  What if it would be too painful for her Mom?  What if my neighbors think I'm crazy?

I pondered these questions for most of the day and asked the Holy Spirit to confirm this for me, if I was really supposed to do this.  Nothing concrete came and I knew I had to ask my husband what he thought.  He said, "Theoretically, you could just give her (our neighbor) the flowers and not say anything about your inspiration, but in reality, you won't be able not to tell her everything."  He knows me so well.

So, that was the green light.  I wrote her a card explaining the thought and my revelation about the thought.  After re-reading it several times, I was pleased with the verbiage, but still thought my neighbor might think I was crazy, so when I took the flowers to her, I left the card behind.

She was so surprised to see me and my boys with 6 white roses in hand (I wanted yellow, but my hubby said they were out) and I told her "Happy Mother's Day!"  Then I said, "The truth is, these really aren't from me.  I believe your daughter wanted me to give you these from her on this Mother's Day."  A tear fell down her cheek.

She said "I think you're right."  Then, she proceeded to tell me she had a long cry over her daughter the day before and how Mother's Day was hitting a lot harder this year than in year's past.  I told her I had written a card to go with the flowers and since she didn't think I was crazy after all, that I would go get it."

I did that and when I returned, she invited me in.  She showed me the prayer quilt her daughter's church made for her shortly after her death and she showed me a beautifully framed print entitled "Mother", which described  how a mother shows her children God's love.  This framed tribute stays wrapped up in the prayer blanket.  It was her daughter's final gift to her.  Her daughter ordered it before she died and my neighbor received it after her death.

So, having experienced her daughter's love and thoughtfulness after her death on another occasion, it wasn't so shocking to her that this could happen again.   

What happened to me yesterday is described beautifully In the School of the Holy Spirit by Jacques Phillipe:

"God grants what He commands.  When God inspires us to do something, at the same time, He supplies the ability to do it, even if it is beyond our capacity or scares us at the start.  Every notion that comes from God brings both the light to understand what God intends, and the strength to accomplish it:  light that illuminates the mind, and strength that gives power to the will."

Dear God, Thank you for the Holy Spirit and the Communion of Saints.  Thank you for my neighbor.  Thank you for inspirations and the courage to follow them.  Please console all mothers who long to see their children again one day and bless them abundantly.  Amen.

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